What is an Escape Room?


Welcome to the secret and mysterious section of Magic Escape Room Rome. Here you will find trivia, anecdotes and everything you need to be able to cope with an escape room in the best possible way. But before we begin, an introduction is in order. 

But what exactly is an escape room?

The word describes the actual purpose of the game: to escape. The escape room can be either a board or virtual game, or it can take place live. In the latter case, you are locked inside a room for a time duration that varies depending on the escape room in which you are playing. Together with your team, you must solve a series of puzzles that will lead you to the final solution and exit the room before time runs out. The themes are varied: horror, fantasy, magic … They can also be inspired by famous people, blockbuster movies and much more. In short, there is something for everyone. The difficulty changes depending on the room, as well as the presence or absence of actors in it. 

What are the requirements for doing an escape room? 

Are you afraid that you do not have the right skills to deal with the challenges we offer? You will be pleased to know that what you need is exclusively your brain. Some people here may have laughed but know that each of us makes complicated reasoning and finds solutions to problems every day, whether it’s a simple strategy to cheat at an assignment or work issues that don’t let you sleep at night. In short, the important thing is to use your intellect and, above all, to know how to be a team player.

Why should you do an escape room? 

I have been working at Magic Escape Room Rome for more than a year and have had the pleasure of being the room master of novices several times. The stages are always the same: excitement followed by discouragement, doubts about one’s own abilities, doubts about the abilities of one’s team, trying to bribe the room master to get the solutions in advance, resignation to defeat, and finally, finally, a desire to get started. Oh yes, because these are just the beginning stages, even before the room’s briefing. The most beautiful part, however, is the exit. Whatever the final outcome, victory or defeat, people leave with the joy of having had a new experience and the desire to come back and try them all.

So, I can list endless reasons why you should try an escape room and none for not doing so. So, I’m waiting for you at Magic Escape Room Rome, where magic is the only certain thing you will find, the rest… come and find out!

 ~ Misteria