Padlocks you can find in an Escape Room


Padlocks you can find in an escape room

In this short guide to the use of padlocks, I will show you the different types that you may encounter in an escape room. An expert escape player will certainly have opened numerous locks and will have an idea of which ones to fear. If, on the other hand, you are a beginner, this article will help you to prepare yourself and make a good impression in front of your friends.

Locks can be opened with a key or a combination. In the first case, opening will be easier and more immediate. This category includes armoured padlocks, which are similar to the classic padlocks with a key but instead of the ring that clicks there is a cylinder that slides, and buckle padlocks, in which the inserted key does not turn but unlocks the rod that is then moved.

Types of padlocks

In the second case, however, the situation is more complicated, because the combinations can be of various types:

Numeric combinations: a sequence of numbers to be entered along the mark usually found on the padlock. It can be a white line, an engraving, an indication of where to place the solution.

Letter combination:  like the previous one but with letters.

Button padlock: once the code has been entered, the small lever on the bottom must be moved to the right. To reset it and then try a new combination, you have to return the buttons to their initial position (all raised) by pressing them from behind.

Rotating padlock: similar to the one found on a safe. Here you have to rotate the central pin to the right or left depending on the right combination and the number on which you have to stop. This is one of the most hated padlocks, not easy to understand but very satisfying to open!

Directional padlock: as the word itself says it requires a sequence of directions to open it. The central disc moves up, down, left and right, never diagonally. If the combination is wrong, you have to press the ring twice to reset it.

One rule applies to all these padlocks: never force them, you could damage them and prevent them from working properly.


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