Escape Room for Children


The escape room is a unique experience that relies on intuition and teamwork. Not many people know that the escape room is suitable for everyone, young and old. That’s exactly right! In Magic Escape Room Rome it is possible to participate even if you are a group of just children. Thanks to the staff who will constantly help and guide them, your kids will have an unforgettable experience.

How does an escape room with children take place

 Organising an escape room for children can be a fun and engaging experience for the whole family or an unforgettable birthday party. During the game, children usually show amazing observation and communication skills. All together they manage to solve the room’s puzzles without excluding anyone, because it is only through teamwork that victory is achieved! In addition, it is possible to celebrate a birthday with us. Large groups of children will be divided into teams and will play different rooms but with the same level of difficulty. No one will be disadvantaged and the children will be able to challenge each other in a time trial! 

Active involvement in the Escape Room for children

 Playing an escape room also allows you to try a new challenge with your family. Each room is adaptable to the type of experience you want to undertake. Unlike other activities, such as watching a film or playing video games, escape rooms actively involve children in problem-solving and critical thinking. This not only keeps them engaged, but also helps them develop important cognitive and social skills.

Escape Room for children: Enjoy the fun!

If you are looking for an original and fun idea for your child’s birthday party, or an alternative way to spend an afternoon with the family, come and try one of our rooms here at Magic Escape Room Rome. Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, anyone can come to Magic Escape Room Rome and have fun for an hour.

Put yourself to the test and come discover a magical world full of adventure!